Monday, March 12, 2018

Discovering Your Inner Reptilian

For this story that's been coming to me about the alien hybrid-human female, I was trying to think of a title for this story.

First title that came to me was "Dragon's Daughter", but that title didn't make any sense or sound right. Then it became "The Reptilian's Daughter", and "Child of the Light" which is sounds better than Illuminati Child and Illuminati does mean people of the light.

But then came "Daughter of Orion", but this title doesn't sound right either. I'm starting to like "Waking up the Reptile", but I am liking "Discovering Your Inner Reptilian". The title sounds like a self-help book and I could possible writing it like it's a self help book, but I think it would be fun to write from the alien hybrid-human female's point of view and then switch off and write about the people who are watching her. Those watchers.

The handler who never lets her file out of his sight. He studies the files, reads it over every night to understand her so he can control her or at least attempt to control her.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

On Love

Someone in a group I am in on Facebook posted about three different kinds of love in one's life. I liked it so much I commented on it and I took a screenshot of it. Good thing I did too because that person either deleted their post or the mod deleted there post. Here's the third love and the one I really loved.

New idea for a story - part 3

I could hear them in my mind saying to themselves “Illuminati Spawn”. I had no idea what they meant. Freaks. They were just bodyguards for some famous guy. I dismissed their comments.

But then a few months later while on vacation on the Big Island of Hawaii, I woke up from some strange dream and when I looked down at my hands I saw reptilian claws. I blinked and they were gone. But their image is burnt into my brain. You cannot unsee something like that.

And then another few months later at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City while staring at the Sumerian figures, I could hear a voice saying in my head “ Illuminati child you have returned. It has been centuries since we’ve seen you”.  I looked around but there was no one near me. I moved on to another statue and heard the same thing.

Four years later at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles, I heard a voice in my head say “Daughter, I am back.” And when I answered the voice and said “who are you?” because I didn’t recognize the voice, the voice said back “Daughter it is Enkhi. It has been so long.”

Sunday, March 04, 2018

Musings about Love

I didn’t know that you never really loved me until another someone came along who loved me more than you ever did. You were the one who I thought was my longed for twin, the other half of me that I didn’t know I had until you came along.

We were so alike and yet we were not. Memories of all our happy past lives kept coming into my head. I came to this planet only because of you because you promised we would never be apart. We should have known better than to make promises to each other that we knew might be impossible to keep. But we did and then we came to this planet so very long ago, and then we parted in the worst way, the betrayal of all betrayals.

But because we really were true twin from Sirius, we managed to come together in subsequent lives and lived somewhat happy lives but lives that would forever be tainted by that first betrayal which we  still have not healed from in all of these centuries on this planet.

A psychic healer once told me never to enter into a relationship with someone I had a lot of karma with because those relationships tend to not work out; there is too much karma to be dealt with in this short life. I didn’t know what she meant until I met you.

And what a wonderful feeling it was to meet you knowing our past lives had been so wrapped up together through many galaxies, so many dimensions, and so much time. But then the fear came back. I felt it from you in Scottsdale. I knew you wondered if you would betray me again as you had during our first incarnation on this planet, and I knew you didn’t know if you would, so you took the easy way out and you left me. And although it hurt like hell at the time. I understood because I didn’t know if I had forgiven you for that first betrayals of betrayals.

So we went our separate ways and at some point I felt we were in different worlds, different timelines, where I was no longer even the person you met that first time. The gulf between us had again widened and swallowed us whole.

And now I am feeling love from someone else, and that love is healing my heart and it made me realize that your love for me never once healed me. Your love never broke down one negative belief I head about love, about you, about our past life history, about anything. But I didn’t know that at the time, and it took this other purer love to show me what you never gave me.

And yes it hurts, but it doesn’t hurt because I miss you or I have regrets or because I want you back. No, it hurts because you fooled me again like you did in that first incarnation. It hurts because I believed you, I believed you had changed, and you didn’t change. And now I finally understand why we were neve meant to be together in this life, that it was a godsend we parted in Scottsdale, that somehow the universe was looking out for me and taking you away from me for my own good.

And now I can finally close the chapter on our relationship and move on with my life for good and not look back and move forward. I was doing that anyway, but this new love has cut the last ties between us.

And so I wish nothing but love. Our twin-ness means we will probably meet again in another life. That seems to be our MO. But never again in this life. We truly are in different worlds, like trains on different tracks going in different directions. And I know that as our tracks get further and further apart, I will most likely never see you again, and I am okay with that.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

The story continues

So the story that came to me on February 21 keeps evolving in my head. I am going to use the blog to write what is coming to me regarding this story.

I follow the channeler Bashar, and he says "you can't imagine non-existence". So in some dimension, some world, this story is actually happening and I am just recording what is being projected in my head.

These story parts came on February 23.

Memo from the Controller Group to all earth nations:
The attack on a member of a the Controller Group family last week did not go unnoticed, and is a considered a violation of the treaty you signed.

The attack came from a direct energy beam weapon, and although no harm came to the Controller Group family member, all direct energy beam weapons in all nations have been disabled but as you may have noticed not destroyed.

The Controller Group does not directly interfere in the evolution of the planet, but the attack warranted a response since it was in direct violation of the planetary treaty we have with you.

Any further attack on any member of any Controller Group family will be dealt with and if necessary with deadly force. This warning will not be repeated.

Memo from the People's Republic of China to Military Intelligence / NSA:
This communication is a request for an emergency meeting to to discuss the attack on our direct energy weapons research facility, and subsequent memo from the Controller Group.

Our intelligence tells us that the attack on the Contoller Group family came from a rogue CIA faction within your government. This "cultural revolution" going on in your country has jeopardized the security of our planet, and must be dealt with swiftly. The planet is currently defenseless against an attack from interplanetary forces, and go-forward strategy needs to be implemented.

While we do not want to interfere in your "cultural revolution", the CIA rogue faction is out of your control and we are therefore proposing to help with this problem.

Memo from Mossad to Military Intelligence / NSA:
The faction war going in your government has put the planet at risk. The rogue CIA faction that attacked the Controller Group family member must be dealt with ASAP.

We request a meeting to discuss logistics of the attack, and if there were other contingencies unaccounted for in the intrusion. The attack was direct and our intelligence tells us that the Controller Group must have had access to our building plans. Need dictates that we offer you help in taking out the CIA rogue faction before they further harm the planet.

Memo from Russia to Military Intelligence / NSA:
This "cousins war" going on in your country has now put planetary defenses at risk. Requesting a meeting to discuss a joint task force to take the "deep state" out, before they attempt another attack on another Controller Group family member, who is on the wrong side of this "cousins war".

Memo from the NSA to Military Intelligence:
Reports have been received that the direct energy beam weapons in Iran and North Korea have been disabled, and as well as the ones in the bases. We have reason to believe that the attack not only disabled the weapons, but corrupted all redundancy and vault files. Research and progress for these weapons have now been setback two years, although further is still ongoing.

We have received communications from countries with similar weapons requesting meetings to deal with the attacks. Concern is grave that the planet has now been left defenseless by the CIA rogue attack on the Controller Group family member, and attacked countries are now offering help with the "deep state".

Situation has given us much leverage which must be used to our advantage. Requesting additional resources to formulate a comprehensive worldwide strategy in response to the Controller Group message.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

New idea for a story.

Communication to CIA / NSA Joint Task Force Regarding Non-human Female Sujbect:

After the Burbank Airport incident in 2009 when a team of remote viewers were killed during a routine surveillance operation, containment of Female Subject was achieved and the situation was in control.

A joint operation in 2017 with Mossad to place a operative / handler in Female Subject’s life to enhance containment failed. Mossad operative was not able to complete the operation due to family situation. Intel showed that Mossad operative was too emotionally involved with the female subject, and was not able to commit to a plan of removal if required.

During the last four (4) weeks, the situation became volatile when Female Subject displayed hitherto unknown abilities. Female subject unleashed a spectral pack of dogs and jackals to surround and protect POTUS and various members of POTUS counter coup team.

Spectral dogs and jackals are able to sense danger, and warns “feelers” surrounding POTUS. Jackals have demonstrated abilities to communicate with electronic and computer equipment to compromise and/or disable if needed for protection. Spectral dogs and jackals cannot be controlled, and while useful in protection of POTUS their inability to be controlled poses multiple threats.

The only conclusion that can be reached at this time is that the female subject subject is no longer contained and under control. Emergency steps have been taken to place a second handler in Female Subject’s life. After a week in operation, Female Subject has been displayed abilities not previously accounted for during the lifelong surveillance.

Operation Second Handler will continue, but we are recommending the need for a more comprehensive plan of containment. In order to move forward, we need to ensure that there are no roadblocks and that Operation Second Handler has been cleared through all levels so there is no interference from Female Subject’s family.

When clearance has been authorized, we will convene a strategy containment meeting.